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Leaving Cert Class of 1975
Leaving Cert Class of 1975




  Click here to view a photograph of some members of the Class of 1975 on their Confirmation Day in 1968.
  Click here to view a photograph of the 1973 Group Leavers.


Class List of 1975
G. Butler    R. O’Donaghue   D. Horgan
M. Butler   D. O’Dwyer   R. Kelly
K. Cagney   K. O’Leary   B. Loy
K. Creaner   A. O’Rourke   R. Lucas
D. Cullen   P. Quinn   M. McGovern
D. Duff   M. Toner   G. McKeon
Aidan Giblin   D. Briscoe   M. Murray
A. Hanson   J. Byrne   P. O’Rourke
L. Kenneally   J. Cassidy   S. Quill
V. Kirby   D. Coen   E. Rogers
J. Lawlor   P. Coyne   G. Sweeney
F. McGovern   M. Curran   D. Wall
J. McKever   J. Flaherty   C. Corcoran
E. McMahon   D. Frewen   S. Coughlan
J. Murphy   P. Greenan   D. Dean
R. Neville   B. Halpin   P. Donnelly
B. O’Connell   G. Healy   N. Doran
D. Emeson   S. Toner   D. Morrissey
R. Hunt   M. Bell   J. Murray
D. Lynham   P. Carey   A. O’Byrne
M. McNamara   T. Corcoran   J. O’Reilly
T. Maher   J. Culley   G. Ruxton
A. Mallon   P. Fuller   C. Scullion
Harry Norton   E. Keans   A. Shields
P. Rheinisch   A. Lee   P. Warren
T. Russell   P. McEvoy   R. White


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