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3 Ireland Data Sim cards

Tomorrow, students will receive communication from their Year Heads on how to request a data sim card provided to the school from 3 Ireland. These SIM cards will provide our students with free All You Can Eat data until the end of June. We have been given 130 Sim cards, and these will work in your Three router at home or in any compatible tablet (tablet can be used to create data ‘hotspot’ for household)

3 feel no child should miss out on their education because of a lack of connectivity and they want to help families support their children during the pandemic. That is why they have removed charges for health and education websites, and removed limits on data.

They are intended to aid learning and will not be useful for day to day calls/texts, but for data use. There is also a 15% discount on Samsung devices, details will be included with families who avail of a SIM.