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Letter to all Parents for September 2021


Dear Parents / Guardians,

As the summer holidays are due to start shortly, we are already looking forward to welcoming your son back to the school in the new academic year. We are looking forward to the new term and the hope of a calendar with less disruption than we have had over the past 18 months.

I enclose here the following information and documents you will need in preparation for the new school year:

  1. School Calendar
  2. Details of uniform and school jackets
  3. Registration information
  4. School COVID Plan
  1. The school calendar is available on the school website and school app (please see enclosed page for instructions), as well as enclosed here. 1st year students are due in for induction at 9.30-11.00 on Thursday 26th of August. They will then remain home until Tuesday 31st, when they will begin classes. Please see website/app for times for each day, particularly during the first week. 
  1. Details of school uniform are available on the school website. This is an expected part of being a student in the school. We endeavour to provide as much flexibility as possible this year gone, but would emphasise that we expect to return to the level of expectation that has always applied. Please note in particular rules around shoes (ALL black, no designs or different colours soles) and school jackets. Orders to have school jackets from our supplier Playr Fit should be made before end of June to have in time for September. Non-school jackets are not permitted and are confiscated in line with the School Code of Behaviour. 
  1. Registration information has been sent out by text on our school Way2Pay system. For any parents/guardians with outstanding payments, please ensure this is made before September. Please contact the school with any issues. As has taken place this year, the school aims to be as flexible and accommodating as is possible. These payments allow us to provide a school experience that should be expected by all your sons. 
  1. The school will operate our COVID Response Plan in line with guidelines from the Department of Education and HSE. Our most up to date policy is available on the school website, and will be updated as soon as any information/instructions are received. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions/concerns. 

I wish everyone a very relaxing and safe summer break. I would like to once again thank everyone for their support this year; particularly all of the students whose efforts and diligence has been outstanding. A reminder to keep the school informed of any changes of address/mobile numbers.

Beir bua agus beannacht,

Seán Stack