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1st Year Assembly and start of school

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

We are excited to welcome your son back to school on the morning of the 25th for their initial assembly (please note students should also bring sport gear on this day). Please note the below information about this day, and note that they then are not in school until Tuesday 30th for start of classes. I would like to welcome you as to the school community and look forward to working with you to ensure your son’s success.

1st Year schedule for start of school (PDF Image at bottom of page)

Thursday 25th – 9.30 – 11.30am – Assemblies, tour of school and sports facilities in Alfie Byrne. Students will also receive lockers and books on this day.

(Please note students should bring sport gear on this day.)

Tuesday 30th – 8.50 – 13.00 – Start of classes (Half day)

Wednesday 31st – 8.50 – 15.30 – Classes continue (Full day)

School Calendar

This is available on the school website at https://stjosephsfairview.ie/info/school/calendar/


As part of the book rental scheme, students will receive all of their books in the school. There is no need to purchase any text book for 1st year students if you have availed of the book rental scheme. This is paid via the text Way2Pay system.


Uniforms should be worn on the 25th, and sport gear brought in a separate bag. A reminder of the school policy around footwear- ‘runners’ are permitted but should be entirely black in colour, including soles. Traditional leather shoes are also permitted. Please find information on uniform at https://stjosephsfairview.ie/student-life/uniform/

School jackets can be ordered on this link from our supplier Playr-Fit. The delivery time on these is 6 weeks so if you have not yet ordered, we would recommend doing so ASAP. Our current policy does not permit any other style of jacket.

Registration information

All parents/guardians should have now received messages from the school Way2Pay system re school registration. We would ask that any outstanding registrations are paid on advance of the 25th. Should there be any issues, please contact the school ASAP.

‘Head Start’ Camp

Please see below letter about Head Start camp being held for incoming students on the 24th August. This is a free, optional activity to help students adjust to the new school in advance of the whole year being in. This letter can be printed and brought along on the day.

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