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Big Brother End of Year

The Big Brother programme wrapped up for another year on May 12th. Following on from rave reviews from last year’s participants, the group decided to go again to Jumpzone in Santry (this time with Ms. Dowling who it seems had more fun than most of the lads!) and have a pizza party upon their return.
The programme is run in conjunction with Foroige, and following the trip, the group were presented with certificates by Anthony from the organistation. For the ‘Bigs’, the time they invested this year will serve as a feature point on their CV as they move on to college and the world of work. However, they all noted how enjoyable the year was and how much they looked forward to spending time with the 1st years each Tuesday.
Mr. Stack and Ms. Dowling would like to congratulate all of the students who finished the programme, and hope to see this years ‘Littles’ transition into ‘Bigs’ in few years time. Also, thank you to the school for facilitating the year-end trip!