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A Day in the Little Sisters of the Poor Nursing home, Raheny

Wednesday the 25th of October was a momentous day for the Little Sisters and the students of St. Joseph’s CBS, Fairview, Dublin 3. Sister Jeann Jugans 225th anniversary was celebrated by staging a production of her life story. A group of eight students, accompanied by their teachers Ms. Allison Leetch and Ms. Colleen Byrne joined the Sisters for their first stage debut. The sacred story of Sister Jeann Jugan was told by our actors, narrators and extras of the play. The show was a great success! All residents thoroughly enjoyed the event and we most definitely learned a wealth of knowledge about the foundress of this order. After the event, tea and cakes were prepared for all who took part. This day most definitely warmed the hearts of all involved. To see young people working with the elderly was a moment we will all hold close to our heart. A huge thank you to Sister Catherine for organising this fantastic event and recruiting all of the fantastic volunteers who made the event possible!

Students under guidance of Ms Leetch