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“P-Tech” (Pathways to Technology) – a groundbreaking initiative for Joey’s students

What is P-Tech?
Programme that integrates Secondary School, Colleges and Industry
Students are offered the opportunity to gain a 3rd level qualification and develop links with industry while at school
Creates a line of sight to college and career
Launching in 3 Dublin schools within North East Inner City

To provide young people with an innovative and highly relevant education opportunity that enables them to earn a third-level qualification, along with the skills required to continue their education or enter the workforce
To address the “skills gap” and strengthen the economy by building a workforce with the technical and professional skills required for 21st Century jobs

The Student P-Tech Experience

Follow normal 2nd level qualifications
Individual support & guidance in planning career & college path
Mentoring & internships in partner businesses
3rd level qualification (QQI level 6)
Work experience & Paid internships
On completion ‘first in line’ for jobs with partner business
How it will look
1st Year of secondary school:
Students follow the normal Junior Cycle program and are exposed to P-TECH taster activities, such as robotics workshops, industry talks, demonstrations, etc.

P-TECH Years 1-2 (2nd and 3rd Year of secondary):
Enrolled students start P-TECH, taking specially developed Short Courses as part of the Junior Cycle in Robotics and Coding. Every student is assigned a mentor from industry

P-TECH Year 3 (Transition Year):
Students take third-level modules, work-related learning, and continue mentoring engagement with industry.

P-TECH Years 4-5 (5th and 6th Year of secondary):
Students follow the normal Leaving Certificate program for six subjects, together with third-level modules, mentoring and internship. Students can achieve Level 6 qualification from the third-level institute.

Year 6 of P-TECH (post Leaving Certificate):
Students take further third-level modules, mentoring and internship, with the aim of graduating with a Level 6 qualification.

Graduation from P-TECH:
At the end of Year 6, or earlier if the student has achieved the educational goals, successful graduates will be “first in line” for any suitable jobs with the industry partner, but may also choose a different job or to continue in education to complete a bachelor’s degree at the partner third-level institute or a different one