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Seán Higgins-Student Ambassador for Cycle Against Suicide

This year we have focused a lot on promoting positive mental health in our school. We carried out various events based on mental health education, project work and community involvement. Based on this work we were awarded  Cycle Against Suicide Ambassador School Status!

Every year Cycle Against Suicide chooses a small of group of students from all over Ireland to become Student Leader Ambassadors. There are hundreds of students put forward each year that must fill in an application form about their passion for promoting positive mental health, the work they do in their schools and of course how they can further spread the message that  ‘it’s okay not to feel okay and it is absolutely okay to ask for help’. 

Our very own TY student, Seán Higgins, has been selected as one of this years Student Ambassadors for Cycle Against Suicide. This is a huge honour for him and for our school. Seán will be working closely with the organisation next year. His first venture is a trip away to Kippure Estate in August. This event brings the new group of ambassadors together to discuss new plans and ideas for the coming year. The future is very bright for this group of fantastic young people! 

Well done Seán!