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Survey request from Department of Education

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Inspectors in the Department of Education are carrying out a survey of parents and students about what schools are doing to improve teaching and learning and the involvement of parents and students in this work. Our school has been asked to take part. Each survey is short and will take just a few minutes to complete online. You are not required to share any personal information. The survey is anonymous and your individual responses will not be shared with anyone else.

·         Please complete the parent/guardian survey on your own behalf

·         Please also arrange for your child/children to complete the student survey at home.

The surveys below will remain open until 6pm on Wednesday 16 March.

The links for each survey are below:

Survey for parents: https://dessurveys.education.gov.ie/surveys/SSE-Parents-Survey

Survey for students: https://dessurveys.education.gov.ie/surveys/SSE-Post-Primary-Students-Survey