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TY trip and Philly McMahon talk

On October 16th the TYs had their first whole bonding trip out. Linked in with their English literature course, we went to Dublin footballer Philly McMahon’s BeDo7 gym in Finglas. There, the students went through a tough physical session under Philly’s guidance, followed by a talk from himself.

The talk was based on his own experiences, and linked in to the messages from his book The Choice that the lads are reading in class. His most significant message was on how to accept both positive and negative moments in life and always look for how to improve and change your expectations. As you can see in some of the pictures, all the students were hugely impressed by him, and we would like to sincerely thank Philly and his team, and we will be raving about this to our whole community.

After our time in BeDo7, the whole group walked across the road to GoQuest. In our teams, we had a great two hours of bonding and activity there, before returning back to school. Well done to all the year who really represented us well. All of the students were enthusiastic on the ride home about the day, and it is one we will look to do again in future. Thanks also to Mr Lawlor for his work on organising and booking the trip