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Our New Wellbeing Booklet

The Wellbeing of our students, staff and the wider community is a priority in a Scoil Iósaif education. We work both in the classroom and outside to promote self-awareness, kindness, self-care and tolerance. The need to care for our students’ wellbeing has been intensified by current global issues. Our Wellbeing team has worked to put together our new Wellbeing Document; a hybrid of a policy and a guidebook. This document has tips, tricks and most importantly contacts for the people and organisations that students and parents may need.

Our school and the community and organisations that work with us are always here, should there be a need. Email, call or arrange a meeting whenever you feel a little low or in need of direction, as either a parent, student or staff member. We hope this is helpful to your mindfulness and wellbeing.