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Our Crest

Elements of our New School Crest

Student Council:
The Cross represents our standing as a faith based school where students of all religions or none are welcomed in a community of support.

Student from St Joseph’s Primary:
The book represents our commitment to learning, and the value we place on academics.

Student from St Mary’s National School:
The Fleur de Lis is used to represent our change to a co-educational school, with the Lily flower being the symbol of both our namesake Joseph, and that of Mary.

Board of Management:
The flame is taken from our old school crest. It is included here to celebrate our esteemed history and place as a leading school, both within Dublin and nationally.

Student from St. Joseph’s Co-Ed School, East Wall:
The tree symbolises our belief in the potential for growth in each student academically, socially, holistically and spiritually.