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Return to School Forms and PE

1st, 2nd, 3rd and TY Students will receive an email on Thursday with a ‘Return to school’ form. This must be completed before attending school on Monday. Students who do not complete this form will not be permitted to attend class. If any 5th or 6th year students have had any change in circumstances since … Read more

Return of Students on April 12th

Looking ahead to Monday April 12th, we are currently planning for the return of all students to school, including 1st,2nd,3rd and TY who are currently studying from home. This information is pending this plan by Department of Education, and may change should the return date move. All students who have borrowed chromebooks should now return … Read more

Uniform, jacket and gear ordering window now open

Full uniform is a requirement of school life here in St. Joseph’s. This includes a school jacket; to help all parents these can be ordered from the supplier through our school website (click uniform option on top bar) https://stjosephsfairview.ie/uniform/   For the new style jacket, there will be two ordering windows so as to have in time … Read more

Important Information- 2nd and 3rd Year PTECH

P-TECH Evaluation 2021 (Student Survey): Information for 2nd and 3rd year parents / guardians The Department of Education has asked the Educational Research Centre (ERC) to conduct an evaluation of the P-TECH programme which your son is part of. You are being asked to give parental consent to allow your child to take part in … Read more

Leaving Cert Portal opens today

The portal for current 6th years to enter their choice of examination and subject level opens today at 12 noon. Students will have an assembly this morning and be given a step by step guide to the process, and tomorrow will also have a session where they can do it in school with teacher assistance … Read more

The Irish Times speak to Mr. Stack about distance learning and support from Three

See below article in today’s Irish Times where school Principal Mr. Stack spoke to Barry McCall about the success the school has had in teaching and learning in this recent period of school closures: https://www.irishtimes.com/business/innovation/schools-initiative-enables-three-to-provide-lesson-amid-pandemic-1.4498111 Schools initiative enables Three to provide lesson amid pandemic More than 10,000 school students around Ireland have been able to enjoy a … Read more

Student Online timetables

Please find below links to respective years’ Timetables. These are live documents that may be changed minimally each week. Students will receive current TT for each week to their email each Monday morning. 1st Year Timetable https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q6LWj1y0EpWeBMtV_a8iw9FkTwgDZpS1SEmLBqT5baI/edit 2nd Year Timetable https://docs.google.com/document/d/1joeo-lZDSyyu-1H9qGVC80H06W8cB26G6F1g0rv-sxc/edit?usp=sharing 3rd Year Timetable https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xbod_n7xLZNraEFxmj0GFbXYr6cOGp6qj6RBr8B0Bnc/edit?usp=sharing TY Timetable https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uoCSjwOUbLdECZlTejzPixhIMgguMDwea9QepcZjxBA/edit?usp=sharing 5th Year Timetable https://docs.google.com/document/d/18HXPzQAGS-dlFZqRTJo1DJMUd16qKq6KAM75vIA6pwI/edit?usp=sharing LCA1 Timetable https://docs.google.com/document/d/169Zz1WGdDHWsK4jtAcyoKh1bWZrj87_BeySgQA5Rvlc/edit?usp=sharing

Paint work finished on building

Thanks to Francis for all his hard work over the past few weeks. See some picture posted here of the work he has been doing painting the building by Fairview Strand. An amazing job and the building is looking fresh and neat as students return to school.

5th/6th Year Parent Teacher meetings

Letters sent to students’ emails this afternoon re. PT meetings. 5th/6th Years will receive a long form written report next week, and online meetings will be available by appointment upon email to students’ Year Head. The date for this is Thursday 11th March 3.45pm-6.15pm. This can be done easily through the school app.

3 Ireland Data Sim cards

Tomorrow, students will receive communication from their Year Heads on how to request a data sim card provided to the school from 3 Ireland. These SIM cards will provide our students with free All You Can Eat data until the end of June. We have been given 130 Sim cards, and these will work in … Read more