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Transition Year

A Year of Self-Discovery

Transition Year at Scoil Iósaif is a year in which the students can take the time to learn new skills, discover new talents and areas of interest and explore their skills and interests in relation to career paths beyond school. The Transition Year Programme allows our students to develop social, emotional and intellectual skills and gives them time and experience to make more informed decisions about their futures.

We incorporate many diverse learning opportunities into our TY programme in order to cater to the many interests and skill sets of our students. We run the Future Leaders Programme in association with the GAA and Gaisce awards in which our students learn about teamwork and can develop their skills in event planning, leading and creating. Our students take on work experience twice throughout the year for two week blocks, developing their knowledge of the working world and of their own particular future goals. This year, due to restrictions we are running the Flash Mentoring Programme in conjunction with the NEIC and many industries and organisations across Dublin. Our students will have the opportunity to meet and interview online professionals from many different work sectors throughout the year.

Along with core subjects such as Maths, English and languages, our TY students are exposed to new areas of learning such as Media Studies, Mini-company, Health and Safety, Food Science, Robotics and Career Guidance. Throughout the year a range of workshops are organised for the students such as podcasting and movie making, journalism and the school digital newspaper, cooking along with many more. TY students are exposed to as wide a variety of activities as possible in order to facilitate future decision making.

Our TY students are active members of our various sporting teams at the school as well as Headstrong and the Student Council. This year allows them the time to immerse themselves in extracurricular activities, developing their sense of self and their skills in communication and teamwork. Our TY students lead various initiatives throughout the year, organising events for junior students as well as for charity and sporting events. 

Transition Year at Scoil Iósaif is a chance for our students to take the time for personal growth and self discovery. It is a link between the Junior and Senior Cycle programmes. Transition Year is a time for students to begin to think about their career paths, to explore and recognise their personal strengths, discover new ways of learning and develop new skills.