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Roinn na Gaeilge

“Tír gan Teanga, Tír gan Anam” – Pádraig Mac Piarais

Our school strives to focus on students’ positive engagement with the Irish language through the study of literature, the spoken language and grammar. Gaeilge is one of the core subjects and over the 6 years it gives students an opportunity to develop new language skills and a more in depth knowledge into their culture and heritage. 

Our school takes pride in our links with the Gaeltacht which opens up the opportunity for scholarships and work for students. 

The Irish award at Junior and Senior Cycle encourages students to use Gaeilge both in and outside the classroom.

Students continue to build on the foundations created at Junior Cycle while sampling a series of different short courses during Transition Year. These courses include; language skills, listening skills, literature and the History of the Irish Language. This gives students the opportunity to engage with their culture and heritage in a more interactive way. 

The Leaving Certificate course is assessed at three levels, Foundation, Ordinary and Higher Level and is based upon the study of set literature, writing and listening skills and the oral exam. Over the course, students build upon the skills learned and Junior Cycle and give more in depth opinions and answers on a range of topics. The Oral Examination is worth 40% of the final exam, and is examined around Easter of final year this gives students an opportunity to focus on using the language in a more every day manner and is designed to give students the opportunity to have a conversation and discuss various topics in their national language.