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Return to school – to all parents

Dear Students and Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

17th August 2020

As the summer holidays are drawing to a close I hope you have had a good break and that all is well with you as we face into a new school year. As the health situation continues to rumble on, school life will continue to have many of the rules and restrictions that we and students had to cope with last year. However the prospects of distance teaching now seem far more remote, and with the continuing rollout of vaccines the continued move toward the familiar seems closer.

We are looking forward to welcoming everybody back into the school. Please find enclosed the schedule of return over the first week. Each year will have a set day for induction/assembly, and a day in which they return to classes. Please pay particular attention to the times for each day, specifically the end time for the days during the first week.

At induction, students will receive timetables and student journals. For incoming Parents/Guardians of 1st years, a reminder that Book Rental fees need to be paid in advance before students receive their books/locker access.

Please find some information below on updates since May. A final reminder to all parents that registration is now due. This can be paid in a number of ways, primarily via the Way2Pay text system. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the office. We will endeavour to support all homes in the current climate, and will be in contact with anyone who has not paid registration when school resumes.

Some news:

Schedule and Calendar: Please find attached the schedule for students for the first week. I have also included the school calendar. This can also be found on the school website and app.

Uniform: Uniform guidelines can be found on the school website. Please note that school jackets are an expected part of the school uniform. Details of how to order these are also on the website. Last year there was an accommodation around this following distance learning, this is no longer in effect and students should not wear their own jackets to school.

Booklists: Booklists are available on the school app or website (under Information tab). 1st year students in the Book Rental Scheme will get these on Induction day. 5th year students will get information on their option subjects before classes resume. There will be time allowed during September for students to get books for these subjects. If you have any questions in advance of next week, please contact the Deputy Principal Ms. Duane. 

COVID 19 Practices: Please find attached a COVID Checklist students should abide by each morning. The School has ‘COVID Response Plan’ that informs our practices each day. Students will be shown how to maintain social distancing and hygiene in line with this. Please note, face masks remain a requirement for school. This is not optional and we are required to uphold this unless a doctor’s note is provided.

Timetables:  Student timetables will be provided on Induction days.

Results: Leaving Certificate results are to be issued on September 3rd through the Candidate Portals.

School App: We recommend all parents/guardians to download the school app to their phone. This is the easiest way to find key information, news about school life, and to communicate with the school and specific Year Heads. It is also the best means by which to access your son’s reports following any exams during the year. The app can be downloaded via your app store, or alternatively links can be found on the school website https://stjosephsfairview.ie/info/parents/mobile-app/

We look forward to welcoming you son/s back over the coming days.

Beir bua,

Seán Stack – Principal

Schedule of return for first week

Thursday 26th              – 1st Years in for assembly                              9.30 – approx.11.30

                                    Meeting with P/DP/YH & tour of school        9.30 – 10.30

                                    Sports in Clontarf Astro                                   10.30 – approx. 11.30

Friday 27th                   NO SCHOOL – Staff Training

Monday 30th                – 6th Years in for Assembly                                          9.30 – 11.00

                                    All other years stay home

Tuesday 31st                – 3rd & 5th Years in for assemblies                              9.30 – 11.00

                                    – 1st & 6th Years in for normal classes                         8.45 – 13.00

Wednesday 1st             – 2nd Years in for assemblies                                       9.30 – 11.00

                                    – 1st/3rd/5th/6th Years in for normal classes                 8.45 – 13.00

Thursday 2nd                – 1st/2nd/3rd/5th/6th Years in for normal classes           8.45 – 15.30

Friday 3rd                     – TYs in for assembly                                                   9.30 – 11.00

                                    – 1st/2nd/3rd/5th/6th Years in for normal classes           8.45 – 13.00

Monday 6th                  Normal classes for all years                                       8.45 – 15.30