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Students’ Council attends E.R.S.T Conference

On Wednesday, the 25th of March, two fifth years and two second years on the Students’ Council attended an E.R.S.T (Edmund Rice Schools Trust) conference, held in Moran’s Hotel near the Red Cow Roundabout. The main aim of the event was to nurture and develop the leadership of students’ councils, guided by the venerable ethos of Edmund Rice. The five tenets of this holistic vision are as follows: 1) Nurturing faith, Christian spirituality and Gospel-based values; 2) Promoting partnership; 3) Excelling in teaching and learning; 4) Creating a caring school community; 5) Inspiring transformational leadership. This spirit is still very much alive in E.R.S.T schools as evidenced at the conference. Every school explained how it makes a contribution to the local community, be it a fundraiser, a think tank or another service. Presentations at the event included: Young Social Innovators, the Edmund Rice School Camp and the model schools. All of the tips and suggestions made at the event will be compiled and sent out to the schools in the coming days. We certainly got a lot of new ideas for our school and community.

(From left to right: Conor O’Reilly, Manolito Aviles, Christian O’Brien and Daniel McCabe)