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Debating Success

Joey’s wins the Leinster Final of the DSI Debates
On Thursday the 6th of February within the hallowed halls of the Royal College of Surgeons our science debating team faced their worthy opponents from CBS Westland Row for the Leinster Final of the Debating Science Issues contest. The RCSI is one of the many research bodies sponsoring these debates and the topic before the house was that “research and healthcare funding should be allocated in a population-dependent manner even for serious rare diseases.” Our team was opposing the motion and argued strongly that funding should be given to serious rare diseases on a par with more common serious diseases. On the day the Joey’s team was victorious.
Our team comprised Alex Fay (Captain), Manolito Aviles (Vice-Captain) who are the speakers and debaters and a wonderfully committed team of researchers comprising Peter Redmond, Josh Nichol, Stephen Moran and James Morgan. They have been ably and wisely coached by their enthusiastic teacher, Mr. Don Sheahan. Both Alex and Manolito spoke very well and were very competent and confident speakers throughout. The opposition had their research well done and their second speaker was very good indeed, but Joey’s sounded more convincing with their well-honed debating skills and non-reliance on reading their notes. The debate was well attended with all the Transition Year Students being present to support the school team.
Our team will now go on into the nationwide section of this prestigious competition. As winners of the Leinster Final they will proceed to meet the winners of the Ulster Final who will be either Dalriada School or Our Lady and St Patrick’s in the National Semi-Finals. The winners of that debate will meet the winners of Munster versus Connaught competition in the All-Ireland Final in the coming months. We are duly proud of our Science Team, both debaters and researchers, and wish them much luck in the upcoming debates.