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Department update re. COVID Response plan

To all of the school community,

Schools have now received an update from the DES that comes into effect from next Monday, which is also the return day following midterm.

Positive tests, symptoms and close contacts

Any staff or student who tests positive for COVID 19 must still self isolate, in line with HSE instructions.

Any staff or student who is displaying symptoms should continue to isolate at home, in line with HSE instructions.

Close contacts of cases in school are not required to self isolate or restrict movements, unless displaying symptoms

Mask wearing

It is no longer a legal requirement for staff or students to wear a mask in school. Staff and students can continue to wear a mask if they choose to do so. Masks will be available as has been the case for any students who requests one,

Social Distancing

The suite of measures as outlined in the DES COVID Response plan around physical distancing in classrooms no longer applies as a rule. Teachers and the school will have discretion and control to lay out classrooms with the priority on facilitating teaching and learning.

Parent teacher meetings

The school will review practices for remaining parent teacher meetings this year over the coming days.


The school will review use of lockers over the coming days.

Ventilation and hand hygiene

Measures around ventilation will remain as they are. Current guidance and advice indicates that increased airflow and hand hygiene has significant impact on transmission.

School transport

See providers for updated instructions for any students availing of school transport.