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Distance Learning Practices and use of Video Conferencing

Distance teaching using online platforms over the internet under COVID-19 situation.

Lessons over the Internet will take place during the time of school closures under COVID-19 government directives. These may include, but not be limited to, Google Classroom, GSuite, Zoom.

Teachers/students will use only their @stjosephsfairview.ie account for all school communications.(see Data Protection at end)

Students are still operating with the school Code of Behaviour and Acceptable Use Policy (both of which are available on school website under the ‘policies’ heading.


We would ask that a parent/guardian/minder be present in the home/place of study during any lessons to monitor and supervise the use of the internet.

There are also practical reasons for this.

Please ensure no games/irrelevant applications are running.

Parents to ensure that children are acquainted with ‘stay safe online’.

All reasonable care will be taken by the school to protect the information provided while online.

Please note that while every reasonable effort will be made by the school to prevent student exposure to inappropriate online content it is not possible for us to eliminate the risk of such exposure.

The application to be used for lessons over the internet may be, but not limited to Google, Zoom, GSuite. Students have been granted access to upgraded Google and Zoom accounts with no limits on storage/time respectively.

If necessary and it helps with internet speed, it is suggested that wifi usage in home by others could be reduced.

Should there be any issue with access to devices or internet, please inform the school. Every accommodation that is reasonably possible will be made by teachers

Data Protection
Parents and Teacher will only use their @stjosephsfairview accounts for school activity. Recording of students will not take place without express notice and permission from parents in advance, and will only be done where required (eg. Junior Cycle CBAs). All reasonable care will be taken to protect this information while online.