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Graduation 2015

Friday 22nd May marked a high point in the lives of our 2015, now former, Sixth Years as they graduated from St Joseph’s. Their school days are now truly over for these young men. Congratulations are due to them, one and all, for acquitting themselves with great dignity and respect during their Graduation Mass and formal graduation ceremony that followed it.

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The Mass was held in the Church of the Visitation, Fairview which was a fitting venue for such a solemn, uplifting and spiritual occasion.  Many thanks to the Conventual Franciscan community of Fairview, Sr Joan, the Parish Sister and the sacristans for their gracious welcome to Fairview Parish Church.

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The Mass was an uplifting experience for all and was celebrated by Fr. Finbar Neylon, former teacher and past pupil of our school.  Fr Finbar gave an inspiring homily that encouraged these young men to stay in touch with their educational roots in Joey’s and to continue on the wonderful tradition of faith and support represented by it in action over their years at school.  Most of the graduands were involved in the ceremony either through reading the lessons from scripture, carrying up the offertory gifts or singing the appropriately selected songs.


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Many thanks are due to Ms P. McGorman for her sterling work in preparing the choir – all graduating students singing in it, with help from Mr. O’Callaghan, Mr. Glynn and Mr. Flattery – for the occasion.  Special thanks are due to Mr Ian Hennessy and Mr Declan Flattery for their hard work in putting the lads through their paces at the various practices beforehand.   Each young man was presented with a school graduation certificate, a specially commissioned plaque and a PPU tie.

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There then followed a reception held in the Parish Hall and the Parents Council served refreshments and gave everyone a slice of Graduation Cake.  And so ended secondary school for this particular group of young men, now graduates of St Joseph’s Fairview.  Long may this wonderful tradition of Catholic education continue.

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