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St Joseph’s hosts 1916 Commemorative Event

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On Tuesday last, the 26th January, the Past Pupils Union, under the leadership of its president, Seán Ó Connell, hosted a well-attended and universally praised event to mark the hundredth anniversary of the 1916 Rising. Among the attendance at this auspicious event were the following guests: Rev. Fr. James McInerney OFM, C.C., Rev Br. Pat Madigan, C.F.C., the principals of St Joseph’s Primary and Secondary Schools, O’Connell’s, Brunswick Street, Synge Street, Westland Row and Belvedere College S.J., representative teachers and pupils from those schools as well as the Presidents of their respective Past Pupil Unions.  There were also other invited guests from the local parishes and Parents Councils and so forth. The following programme will give a brief summary of this wonderfully moving celebration:





1. Primary School Principal – Mr. Kevin Gillen – Welcome & Safety features of hall.

2.General Introduction by Mr Seán O’Connell – President of St Joseph’s P.P.U.

3. Joe Duffy – Lecture on his book Children of the Rising. 

4. Gene Kerrigan – Lecture on The Scrap: a true story from the Rising, from first-hand evidence, as seen by one rebel unit – F Company, 2nd Battalion – following them from the first skirmish in Fairview to the inferno of the GPO.

5. Noel O’Grady – Songs and Reflections inspired by 1916.

6. Audrey Dunphy & Friends – History & Song – Women of 1916

7. Two Pupils from Joey’s Primary to welcome the various SCHOOLS!!

(i) Conor O’Reilly – 1916 Volunteers/Heroes of St Joseph’s.

(ii) Max Gumaniuc & Dominic Michalik – 1916 Volunteers of O’Connell’s

(iii) James McGuirrin – Belevedere College – 1916 Volunteers.

(iv) Ashton Caffrey & Shaina Hevey – Westland Row C.B.S. –   1916 Heroes/Volunteers.

(v) Pawel Rutkowski – North Brunswick Street – Brunner C.B.S – Heroes/Volunteers.

(vi) Carl Lawlor – Synge Street CBS – 1916 Volunteers.

8. Closure – Gerry CullenClosing Address – Principal of St Joseph’s Secondary School.



All in all, this fitting and moving commemoration was universally enjoyed and enthusiastically praised by all those in attendance.  Mr. Cullen extended his thanks to  the Principal and staff of the Primary school for hosting the event, to Sean O’Connell, President of St Joseph’s P.P.U. for organising such a fitting and successful presentation.  The occasion was recorded on video for posterity.  The morning ended with a light reception hosted by St Joseph’s primary School.