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St Vincent de Paul/Joey’s Annual Senior Citizens Party

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Once again our Annual Party was a roaring success.  There were some 70 souls in attendance at our yearly dinner – people from East Wall, Fairview and Coolock’s Glin Centre.  For the first time the committee decided to change the venue to the Primary School Hall just to see how that would work out.  Preparations for the day has been on-going for the past three months.

All told, it costs some 1400 Euro to run the party.  The local Conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul gave us 600 Euro and we raised the other 8oo Euro from donations from staff members, parents, politicians and pupils.  At least 300 Euro was collected from the bottle which some TY lads brought around the classes before Christmas. Local politicians donated about 300 Euro between them and the balance came from staff donations.



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Also the boys in TY travelled into town and to local shopping centres and to the shops in the vicinity of the school looking for spot prizes.  On behalf of the committee I would like to thanks all the businesses in the locality and those further afield for their generosity in this regard.  There were some wonderful spot prizes donated like two UGG hat and scarf sets, each costing 100 Euro, a fan heater, loads of cosmetics and toiletries, and many tins of biscuits and sweets.


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Many thanks also to staff members – both teachers and SNAs – who also donated spot prizes.  Be assured that you made an old person happy this January. Also many thanks to the teachers and SNAs who helped out both in preparation for the party and on the day.

A special word of thanks to our caretaker Mr Frank Cullen for his enthusiastic and generous help with the organising of the hall, the tables, the chairs and, of course, the recorded music.  A special word of thanks goes to Mr. Declan Flattery for entertaining our guests with traditional ballads – he was accompanied on guitar by Jamie Gannon, Jamie Taffe, Richard Kelly and Dillon McDonagh.


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Our guests were all unanimous in their verdict on the evening, that is, a very good time was had by all!  Indeed many of the gathering volunteered to sing a party piece or two.  They were all greeted with rousing applause.


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Once again many thanks to ALL who helped out: staff, parents and pupils.  Your help is much appreciated.