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Transition Year Graduation Speech – Álvaro Ruiz

My Time in Transition Year

Álvaro Ruiz

Transition Year is different to the others – it is not an academic course, but rather it is a year that focuses on the development of your personal and interpersonal skills.

In Joeys we had to present a lot of power points which improved our public speaking skills. We worked most of the time in groups which helped us work better with people.

We did work experience to have knowledge of how companies operate and how the real world works. I really enjoyed this year because I think it is also necessary to have a little break between Third and Fifth Year.

We had a lot of sports activities during the year. I really liked boxing because I found it interesting and complete. In Fourth Year I also learnt how to cook the basic things in cookery class and now I can make my own dinner without the help of my mom.

One of my favourite activities was the professional interviews we did in Oracle and I am happy to tell you that I got the job.  I have never had that opportunity before this to have a professional interview with feedback.

I loved the trip to Newgrange as it was one of the most magnificent things I have ever seen in my life. At the end of Fourth Year my English is so much better than at the start.  My speaking skills, my work with groups and my confidence have improved a lot. I want to say thanks to all the teachers, and also to Frank, for making Fourth Year a great year.