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Welcome to St. Joseph’s CBS

Delivering excellence in education for over 125 years


Principal’s welcome.

Welcome to the website of St. Joseph’s, Fairview, a school that to generations of Dubliners was, and always will be, simply “Joey’s”.  In the school year 2013-14 we celebrated the milestone of 125 years contribution to education.  While being mindful of our fabled past we have plenty to celebrate in the present and a lot to look forward to in the future. Our students carry on the long established traditions of the school while making their own unique contribution. The ethos of an Edmund Rice school is lived out by the students as they interact with their community, whether locally, nationally or internationally.

Since the foundation of the school there has been one constant of which we are immensely proud – the high quality of teaching and learning in a caring, safe and respectful environment, where every student is encouraged to reach his full potential.

We strongly promote academic excellence while at the same time placing the utmost importance on the care and happiness of each and every individual.  A feature of our school is the warm, welcoming atmosphere where positive relationships between our staff, parents and students are of paramount importance.

We hope that as you browse through our website you get a sense of what our school is about.  We hope you enjoy your journey.  Do feel free to contact us here at the school at any time.


Seán Stack, Principal



Celebrating 125 years             1888 – 2013