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Coding- A PTECH Module

As part of our PTech programme, our students are given the opportunity to engage in the Junior Cycle short course for Coding. The PTech programme was adapted into our school in correlation with our business partners, IBM and Cisco, who highlighted what skills they value and would give our students the best opportunities in an ever-developing technological world.

Computer science and coding is present in all aspects of our lives, this course aims to give students the fundamental understanding of how computer hardware and software operate and relate it to everyday life. Problem solving and computational thinking skills are developed in this course as students build and create different projects. Using the tools they are taught they are encouraged to use their own ideas and creativity. This course looks to build on the students own interests and enthusiasms for computers and software such as Scratch and allows them to develop these to give an insight into the possibility of future studies and careers in the ever expanding computer science industry.