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Life Skills

Teaching the Basics

Lifeskills was introduced in Scoil Iosaif in 2017. 

It forms a part of Well Being classes in the New Junior Cycle.

The Well Being subjects are – SPHE, CSPE, PE and Life Skills.

By participating in weekly life skills classes over the course of the New Junior Cycle students take an active role in preparing themselves for adulthood.

In this new program student input is valued. 

Our pupils are surveyed and given the chance to influence what modules their life skills class will address.

By placing the wellbeing indicators of the New Junior Cycle at the heart of our curriculum students are prepared for the future of their choosing. 

Junior Cycle Wellbeing in BGS – BGSguidance

Life skills modules to date have included: 

-Transitioning to secondary school and settling in

-Physical activity

-Community outreach and involvement

-Information Technology skills and cyber safety

– Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles

-Boys to Men : Practical life skills for adulthood

-Tricks of the Trades: Resource management and home planning for future tradesmen.