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Modern Foreign Languages

MFL Department- French and Spanish

St. Joseph’s C.B.S. currently offers 2 Modern Foreign Languages, French and Spanish. As an MFL department, we are proud of and committed to our tradition of excellence and achievements to date and continue to encourage our students to achieve their best.

French and Spanish: Languages of International Business | CCA

Aims and Objectives

The modern foreign languages taught in Scoil Iósaif share common aims and objectives, among these we seek:

  • To enable students to acquire the four main linguistic skills to the best of their ability – listening – speaking – reading and writing.
  • To provide opportunities for students to communicate confidently and express themselves in the target language for everyday communicative purposes.
  • To introduce students to various cultures and traditions associated with their chosen language and to foster an understanding and appreciation of the same.
  • To promote learner autonomy, a spirit of enquiry and a level of fluency suitable to the individual learner.
  • To encourage students to reach their own individual potential in state examinations.

What will I learn in a modern foreign language?

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • how to speak in the language about yourself, your family and friends, your hobbies, your school, etc.This will help you to talk to people who speak the language
  • the skills of listening to, reading and writing in the language
  • the grammar of the language
  • information about the countries where
  • people speak the language, and their way of life.