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Robotics- A PTECH Module

Robotics is a new and exciting subject which is only offered in 3 schools in Ireland. Robotics is part of the P-tech programme. Robotics is extremely relevant in today’s society. Students get to use their imagination and creativity skills in every class. Our students love the hands-on approach to learning by building robots and programming them to do things like break dancing or racing.

Our first, second and third year students currently get one hour of Robotics per week. This short course aims to develop the student’s ability to formulate problems logically to design, build and programme robots to address everyday problems, and, through their chosen learning activity to learn about robotics. 

The course is divided into three inter-connected strands: Robotics and society, Building and controlling robots and Robotics in Practice. Teamwork is encouraged throughout all three strands. Students collaborate, peer-explain, seek feedback, provide feedback and reflect on their work. Practical, hands-on and problem-solving learning activities are a part of all strands of the course and students at Scoil Iósaif love this style of learning.