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Social, Personal and Health Education


Our Social, Personal and Health Education strives to foster students’ well being, self-confidence and give them a sense of belonging throughout their six years of secondary school. SPHE develops students’ sense of personal responsibility for their own behaviour and actions. Our students well-being is a top priority in our school and we make a substantial effort in teaching students how to be self aware and understanding, while also helping them to manage their emotions during adolescence. Dedicated weeks to Healthy Eating, Mental Health and Anti-Bullying provide students with the awareness and tools to navigate their daily lives. We embrace students’ vast range of abilities and support them on their way to becoming active and responsible adults. 

Junior Cycle

As part of the new Junior Cycle, SPHE is a 100 hour short course that works to provide students with a positive sense of themselves and the ability to care for their own well-being. Promoting self-awareness and self-management, SPHE teaches students how to maximise their potential in everyday activities. We acknowledge that the transition from Primary School to Junior Cycle Secondary School is a huge adjustment for our Junior students and so we hope to equip them with the skills to conquer the corridors. Students are educated on issues of physical, social, emotional, moral and sexual health as part of the schools Well-being programme. The specification for the Short Course can be found below.