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    Intermediate  Middle Grade 1909
Edward D. Molloy date of birth  15/2/1893
Hugh F. Redmond date of birth  1/10/1893  
Michael Shannon date of birth  24/4/1894
Thomas P. Waller date of birth  3/9/1893


Intermediate  Junior Grade 1909
Edward F. Brennan   date of birth 28/1/1895   Charles P. McDermott   date of birth 10/3/1894
Joseph P. Byrne   date of birth 23/3/1894   Matthew J. McCormick   date of birth 2/3/1894
Arnold J. Carroll   date of birth 24/6/1894   Patrick J. McEvoy   date of birth 19/1/1895
Albert A. Coughlan   date of birth  2/6/1894   Nicholas J. Murphy   date of birth 6/5/1895
John L. Doherty   date of birth 29/5/1894   Thomas Newman   date of birth 14/5/1893
Thomas Duggan   date of birth 6/12/1894   Vincent O’Beirne   date of birth 15/10/1894
George F.J. Fitzpatrick   date of birth 5/5/1895   Eugene O’Reilly   date of birth 13/8/1893
James Gaffney   date of birth 4/3/1895   Dudley L. O’Sullivan   date of birth 2/8/1894
Daniel P. Gallagher   date of birth 2/5/1894   William F. O’Sullivan   date of birth 4/12/1894
Leo J. Henderson   date of birth 16/11/1893   Thomas J. Saurin   date of birth 8/3/1894
Martin Joyce   date of birth 28/12/1894          


Intermediate Preparatory Grade 1909
Thomas L. Byrne   date of birth  7/4/1896   James P. McCabe   date of birth  5/3/1895
Luke A. Cribbin   date of birth  15/10/1895   Edward J. McElwee   date of birth  10/9/1895
Albert E. Crowley   date of birth  30/1/1896   James J. McEvoy   date of birth  26/3/1896
Philip J. Cullen   date of birth  9/2/1896   Joseph N. McGrath   date of birth  28/12/1895
James Devoy   date of birth  5/6/1895   Thomas Madden   date of birth  18/12/1894
Bernard Farrell   date of birth  16/11/1895   Charles J. Saurin   date of birth  7/8/1895
Joseph C. Gaynor   date of birth  13/12/1894   Francis J. Taylor   date of birth  13/5/1896
Edward C. Kelly   date of birth  27/11/1895   Patrick Watson   date of birth  4/8/1895
David McAsey   date of birth  22/4/1896   Francis M. Whelan   date of birth  17/9/1895


1909 Prayers List
1909 Prayers List
1909 Prayers List
1909 Prayers List
1909 Prayers List
1909 Prayers List


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