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Leaving Cert Class of 2005
Leaving Cert Class of 2005


Class List of 2005 
Christopher A. W. Byrne   Jason P. Rooney   Brian T. Teeling
Edward A. Dolan   Philip D. Stafford   Anthony M. Doyle
Mario Raso   Eoin P. D’Arcy   Gavin W. Doyle
Richard J. Hansard   Jonathan D. Doolan   Philip Loughney
John P. Moran   Glenn J. Harman   Aaron D. P. Lowry
David C. Murphy   Martin J. Higgins   David E. Marsden
Raymond C. O’Connor   Patrick E. Martin   Paul W. McCormack
Barry G. O’Shea   David McFarlane   Eoghan D. Russell
Colm Reynolds   Paul A. Moore   Ronan J. P. Slevin
Keith A. Rooney   Brian T. Moore   Darren D. Wogan


School Staff, 2005
School Staff, 2005



2005 Sports Teams


2005 Sports Teams
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