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LCA 2 Nazareth House Festivities

On Friday, December 3rd, our LCA2 class brought festive cheer to the residents of Nazareth House through the donation of Christmas planters, made in their Horticulture class. The students had the idea of upcycling into Christmas planters the white buckets from the antibacterial wipes used in our classrooms. The students did great work in the … Read more

Football Fundraiser

Last Friday, Stella Maris hosted the challenge of all Challenges! Mr. Kelly vs Miss. Barry. Joey’s vs Sheriff.  The match was being held in honour of Cian, one of our 6th year students tackling ongoing treatment at the moment.  So far the non-uniform day and Staff Bake Off, in conjunction with the Match itself, have … Read more

Events Calendar May 2021

Please find visual calendar of significant events for final month of term. These are updated on school calendar found on your school app also.

Return to School Forms and PE

1st, 2nd, 3rd and TY Students will receive an email on Thursday with a ‘Return to school’ form. This must be completed before attending school on Monday. Students who do not complete this form will not be permitted to attend class. If any 5th or 6th year students have had any change in circumstances since … Read more

Uniform, jacket and gear ordering window now open

Full uniform is a requirement of school life here in St. Joseph’s. This includes a school jacket; to help all parents these can be ordered from the supplier through our school website (click uniform option on top bar) https://stjosephsfairview.ie/uniform/   For the new style jacket, there will be two ordering windows so as to have in time … Read more

Paint work finished on building

Thanks to Francis for all his hard work over the past few weeks. See some picture posted here of the work he has been doing painting the building by Fairview Strand. An amazing job and the building is looking fresh and neat as students return to school.

Change to student calendar

We would advise that there has been a change to the student calendar: Monday 30th November will now be a full school day, and the school closure day has now moved back a week to Monday the 7th December. Please be advised that school will be open on 30th November and closed on 7th December

Gov.ie list of Supports

Please find a link below to various supports for health, wellbeing and guidance for students, and all members of our school community: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/256911-leaving-cert-2020-practical-supports/#other-supports