The secret to success lies with Joey’s boys. How they did it we will never know. Students of St. Josephs CBS Fairview came to the top once again in this debating forum. St. Joseph’s debaters rose to a place amongst the top young debaters in the county at the National Model UN Debates held in UCC on the 28th of November. This national competition took place under the auspices of the UCC International Relations Society who issued the invitation to our students after their performance last year.

The accomplished students debating team consisted of Alex Fay(team captain  and organiser) Manolito Aviles (vice-captain), Danny de Vaal and Paul Carr, Stephen Kelly and Ciarán Kelly. The Joey’s team took home not one, but three astonishing awards for their performance over the weekend’s debating.


Our Joey’s boys represented Iraq and debated on various issues such as the refugee crisis, Middle Eastern world problems, women rights and education. This whole process involved many skills that included public speaking, debating, researching and indeed quick thinking. The Joey’s boys displayed high standards in relation to all of these categories. Their initiative and quick response led them to taking home three awards from the debating convention.


Alex Fay took best delegate before an audience of two hundred students. Manolito also won best delegate in the category of D.I.S.E.C. while Paul Carr brought back the award of honourable mention back to St. Josephs CBS. All three boys, along with team mates, honourably  and valiantly represented St. Josephs CBS. All staff and students are tremendously proud of the team’s efforts and winnings during this convention.


The students themselves would like to sincerely thank the Parents’ Council who sponsored their weekend of debating in UCC. Without this sponsorship their weekend and achievements would not have been successful. The team would also like to extend a thank you to Mr. Joe Murphy and Ms. Denise Kennedy for accompanying them during this debating convention.

Regretfully the team captain (Alex Fay) who has led this team to victory for over two years will be leaving St. Josephs CBS next year. He hopes to pass on his knowledge and skill to Danny DeVaal the new school debating captain. We will be sad to see Alex Fay and Manolito leave us here at Joey’s, but are forever grateful for all they have done for the school society.

Scoil Iosaif abú!

Ms Denise Kennedy & Mr. Joe Murphy (Mentors)