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Return of Students on April 12th

Looking ahead to Monday April 12th, we are currently planning for the return of all students to school, including 1st,2nd,3rd and TY who are currently studying from home. This information is pending this plan by Department of Education, and may change should the return date move.

All students who have borrowed chromebooks should now return them. They can be dropped at reception at any time during school hours, but we would ask that they all be returned this Thursday 25th March. As agreed in the initial request for chromebook, any loss or damage beyond expected wear and tear may be sought from homes.

On April 12th only (Just first day of return), we will have staggered times for each year to present for class. This is to reduce congestion on the first day. Times below:

  • 1st years: 8.50am
  • 2nd years: 9.20am
  • 3rd years: 9.50am
  • TY: 11.00am

All students will receive a ‘Return to school’ document to their email on the Thursday before return to class. This must be completed and submitted before returning to school, on instruction from the Department of Education. Any students who present for school not having submitted form will not be permitted to go to classes. They will be held and asked to be sent home.

If you have any questions in advance of the return, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Seán Stack