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TY Graduation 2017



On May 17th we celebrated the TY Graduation.  The graduation celebrates primarily the learning of new skills, personal, social, educational, and of course work-related.  Each student was presented with his individual folder of work, comprising tasks in individual subjects, results and reports thereon by the teachers, as well as all the various certificates gathered throughout the year, e.g., CPR or First Aid, Vincent de Paul Project Cert, Business in the Community, Computer Skills, Cookery, Architectural Studies, Kick Boxing and so on and so forth.  Students collected a very thick and detailed folder of work which represented their hard work throughout the year.









As the TY Programme has been reviewed by the staff, taking into account the views of work placement employers and other interested stakeholders such as parents and pupils, the Transition Year  Programme will now run with a five-day timetable rather than a four-day one where work experience was done on a Friday every week.  The TYP will offer two distinct periods of two weeks placement each next year.  Parents and Pupils will be informed of when these placements will occur in due course.

To return to the 2017 Graduation ceremony some 55 folders were presented to the assembled boys while some 21 prizes were given to the following worthy candidates listed below the pictures.  On that score, TY student Curtis Smith must be thanked for taking all the uploaded pictures in this blog post!!















TY Graduation Prizes


  1. Glass Maker of Year Individual Award:            Yankit Wan
  2. Glass Maker of Year Joint Award                       Daniel Mullane
  3. Glass Maker of Year Joint Award                       Corey Scully
  4. Historical Mural Award:                                       Tommy Burke
  5. Historical Mural Award                                         Curtis Smith
  6. Historical Mural Award:                                        Jake Bride
  7. Historical Mural Award:                                        Angel Mier Ignoto
  8. Past Pupils Union Data Base Award                   Yousuf Tanvir
  9. Work Experience of the Year Award                   Conor McGee Moore
  10. Best Attendance Award                                           Keith O’Rourke
  11. Journalist of the Year                                               Luke Hoey
  12. Entrepreneur of the Year                                          Daniel Mullane
  13. Artist of the year 1                                                      Djeraldus Jonaitis
  14. Artist of the year 2                                                      Kevin Apitzsch
  15. Chef of the Year                                                          Daniel McCabe
  16. Vincent de Paul Award 1                                          Seán Bruen
  17. Vincent de Paul Award 2                                         Cian O’Brien
  18. Boxer of the Year                                                        Josh Lewis
  19. Kick Boxer of the Year                                               Tommy Burke
  20. Helper of the Year                                                       Daniel McCabe
  21. Most Influential Student                                           Christian O’Brien
  22. Most Improved                                                             Dylan Isaacson
  23. Student of the Year:                                                    Tommy Burke

Some parents and family friends were in attendance to witness their boys’ achievement.  Here’s wishing all these former TYs and prospective Fifth Years an enjoyable Summer.