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Zambia 2014

Plans are already underway for our return to the impoverished town of Kabwe. 11 students from Joey’s will travel out to Zambia to work for two weeks during their summer holidays. From 5th Year we have Daniel Yeates, Enzo Patriarca, Ben Treacy, Ziko, Dylan Murphy, Richard Kelly and from TY we have Alex Fay, Eric Hyland, Luke Bewley, Sean Lynam and Jordan Scurry.

The students will be raising funds over the next 6 months to help develop a new school for Sables street children in Kabwe. These children have been recently given an eviction order from their leased land and development of a new site is underway. The students will be there to assist with finishing this development and aid in the transfer of all materials to the new premises.

The school is currently being run by the proceeds from zamda.ie a Dublin based charity that was establised out of the earlier Joey’s Immersion Projects. If you wish to contribute or assist in any of the fundraising efforts please contact the school and let us know.